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What Kind Of Water Pipe Brand With The Effect Is Better
- Dec 15, 2016 -

First, consider the visibility of water pipes

Generally speaking, the higher the visibility of the water quality of the brand will be better, because the higher visibility means that the larger the scale of enterprises will be, and as a specialized development of the water pipe brand, Poly pipeline strength of enterprises in the water pipe top ten brands Ranked second place in the list. The brand's ranking also means the quality of the water pipes. High-profile brands tend to have high-quality products, excellent service system, regular product sales channels, in order to meet customer needs, Poly has established a perfect after-sales service system, with this quality service, Poly has been the majority Audience recognition. Therefore, in the choice of water pipe brand, corporate image is the customer must consider the issue.

Second, consider the product advantages of water pipes

Poly has its own pipeline of scientific research institutions, with the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other countries for brand licensing cooperation, Poly Pipeline in the rest of the world has a good reputation and high reputation, Poly that the water pipe brand means high quality. PPR series, PVC series, PE series, PERT series, PEXB series, PB series, with a series of standardized specifications, with a wide range of products, And can according to different areas, to propose personalized solutions; in the equipment, the PP-R raw materials to take advantage of the three-stage processing of special spiral pipe is the greatest degree of retention of the original performance.