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What Is The Use Of Floor Heating System Benefits
- Dec 15, 2016 -

First, save energy consumption

In order to reduce energy consumption, we should resolutely abandon the bad habits of coal heating, air conditioning heating will increase the discharge of freon, the ozone layer caused some damage, and the use of warm to warm a lot of benefits. Because the air is coming from the bottom, so reduce the amount of heat loss in the air, can save most of the heat in the room, saving a lot of money.

Second, people feel comfortable

This is also a warm to warm a big advantage, the first cold foot is the most appropriate way last year to warm to take the warmth from the bottom up the way, so that people will inadvertently feel the body warm, is the best way of heating , Usually, if the person's feet gradually warm, then the whole body will gradually become hot, in addition, the bottom-up approach will reduce the flow of air, reduce air pollution in the dust, to ensure that the indoor health.