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What Is PE Pipe? PE Pipe Classification, Characteristics, Application Of The Introduction
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Pe tube features:

1, soft and strong: pe pipe is the most soft of all pipes in a pipeline, so the construction does not require the use of any tools, saving construction costs.

2, thermal conductivity: pe pipe in the construction field, often used to warm the pipe, because its thermal conductivity is very good, is twice the ordinary pipe. Poly tube heat pipe is very strong, suitable for heating pipe, and the quality is also very good.

Poly pe pipe Description: Paul pe tube imported PE100 authentic raw materials, to ensure the quality of pe tube, consumers can rest assured that use.

3, high temperature resistance: pe pipe is very high temperature resistance, can be used in very high temperature environment without fracture, pe pipe temperature can reach 90 ℃.

4, impact resistance: pe pipe impact resistance is better. Winter construction of the pipe is not vulnerable to the impact of rupture, an increase of flexibility in construction arrangements.

5, easy processing: pe pipe will not exist control cross-linking degree and evenness and other issues, easy processing and processing will not affect the performance of the pipe.