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Two Types Of Bearing Are Integral And Split
- Sep 18, 2017 -

The bearing is a part of the sliding bearing and the contact of the axle neck, the shape is the half cylindrical surface of the tile like, is very smooth, generally uses the bronze, antifriction alloy and so on wear-resisting material to make, in the special case, may use the wood, the engineering plastics or the rubber manufacture.

The bearing has two types: integral and split, the integral type is usually called the bushing (bushing). Integral type bearing has oil ditch and oil ditch two kinds. Bush Bearing The bearing and the axle neck adopt the clearance match, the general and does not rotate with the axis.

Sliding bearing work, between the bearing and the hinge is required to have a thin layer of oil film lubrication. If the lubrication is bad, there is direct friction between the bearing and the hinge, Bush Bearing the friction will produce very high temperature, although the bearing is made of special high-temperature resistant alloy material, the high temperature produced by the direct friction is still enough to burn it. The bearing may also be caused by excessive load, high temperature, impurity or abnormal viscosity of lubricating oil. Bush Bearing The sliding bearing is damaged after burning the tile.

Thick-walled bush can be cast, in order to improve the friction performance, a layer of bearing alloy (called bearing liner) can be cast on the inner surface of the bearing. All kinds of tenon, Bush Bearing groove or thread are often made on the inner surface of the bearing in order to attach the alloy and the bushing well. Thin-walled bearing can be produced by continuous rolling process of double metal plate.

Powder Metallurgy is a powder-like iron or copper and other basic materials and graphite mixed, and then suppressed sintering forming. Bush Bearing Its pore can store lubricating oil, called oil bearing.

The bearing material is usually softer and the inner cylindrical surface is not suitable for grinding, and can be processed by boring, diamond boring, scraping or grinding. Grinding should not be used with the shaft diameter of the method, but should use the special, size and bearing hole size of the same research stick. Scraping is used for part of the bearing, with a wide blade scraper machine scraping. When scraping by hand, Bush Bearing scratches should be shallow. The inner surface of the complex bearing, should be based on the specific shape of the special boring method.

The material of the bearing is characterized in that the friction coefficient is small, has enough fatigue strength, good running and good corrosion resistance. The commonly used bushing materials are bearing alloy (Babbitt alloy), copper alloy, powder metallurgy, Bush Bearing gray iron and wear-resisting cast iron, etc.