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The Life Of The Sliding Bearing
- Jun 16, 2017 -

The term sliding bearing represents the simplest and most ancient type of bearing in history. Ancient Egyptians in the construction of the pyramids used in the construction of the stone, will be carrying stone slides on the special hardened slope, and then a mixture of mud and water lubrication, drag the slide to complete the transport. The contact surface, the slide and the rope act as a guide to move linearly. Nowadays, this ancient rationale still applies to the tooling of modern equipment and plant construction. The larger contact surface ensures a high static load, Slide Bearings but it also means that only with the help of a large number of labor and livestock traction can overcome the great resistance to movement.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, metal bearings and ball bearings become more and more important. The development of ball bearings is based on the reduction of friction and the required power, and the low friction guidance of the guide shaft or axle is achieved due to the prior reduction of the contact surface of the point contact technique. Frictional reduction, the heat also decreases, compared with sliding bearings, Slide Bearings wear and lubricant demand is also reduced. A basic component of all ball bearings is the so-called rolling body, the rolling body is usually composed of a number of steel ball. For linear ball bearings, the rolling element moves axially along the bearing ring. In the straight line direction, the load is always transmitted through the internal ball bearing ring, but the load on the external ball bearing ring will be reduced by offsetting the movement. By convention, Slide Bearings the more balls are used, the greater the bearing capacity.

Due to the need for mutual contact between the balls, the ball bearings need to be lubricated. As a result, this makes them more susceptible to maintenance, especially for dirt and moisture, which is why ball bearings are usually equipped with dust caps or seals. Internal balls and cage structures also make themselves relatively susceptible to external shocks and vibrations, so they can not be smooth and can not be done without noise. The inertia of the ball may also reduce the running speed. However, in general, the ball bearings are still the best alternative to the fact that special materials make sliding bearings a better-performing bearing variant, as well as the original disadvantages (ie lubrication and maintenance requirements) before turning into the advantages of sliding bearings Status of a major technological innovation.

The development of high-performance engineering plastics products has also opened a new opportunity in the field of sliding bearings. As the friction of the material components has been optimized, Slide Bearings the sliding bearing can already be produced using the polymer, even if the lubrication is not sufficient. Made of engineering plastics and reverse rotary parts, with excellent wear and friction coefficient characteristics, and easy to rust and the need for continuous oil, or especially in outdoor applications need to add grease compared to metal bearings, Plastic bearings are more suitable for general purpose applications. Slide Bearings At the same level, the plastic bearing on the humidity and heat are a certain tolerance, equipped with engineering plastic sliding bearing balers and other systems, thanks to the long life of plastic products and high wear resistance. Expensive downtime or equipment failure is no longer a problem.

As the contact surface is larger, the surface pressure is smaller, Slide Bearings and can use the shaft or other material shaft, such as aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, etc., so one of the many advantages of sliding bearings is to further reduce the weight; because there is no hard friction parts Mechanical rolling, and no rolling body collision, so the sliding operation of the noise and vibration will be less; the use of linear sliding bearings, rails can be stitched, which can easily form a longer stroke, because the sliding element Motion is easier to roll through the rail joints; all ball bearing, an important disadvantage associated with the material is to allow speed and acceleration limits, the maximum is limited, especially at lower loads.

In contrast, the engineering plastic material of the sliding bearing has a high sliding speed and acceleration, thus greatly improving its use in many applications in the recycling time. But the most important trump card is its service life, made of high-performance engineering plastics bearings are usually more durable than the traditional ball bearings. In addition, its service life can be calculated by a variety of procedures. Over the past few years, Slide Bearings precision and friction have made significant progress. Conventional use of traditional ball bearings in many areas has now begun to use engineering plastic sliding bearings.