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The Function Of The Bearing Is Outstanding
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Bearing, also known as "sliding bearing". For example, the sliding bearing made of copper is lubricated by the oil trough on the friction surface of the copper tile, which acts as a "supporting" to the ball bearing and reduces the friction of the shaft.

Bearing shape is a tile-like half cylindrical surface, very smooth, general use of bus alloy, aluminum alloy, polymer materials, such as wear-resistant materials made, in special cases, can be made of engineering plastics, rubber or wood.

The application of the bearing Bush is more prominent, Bush Bearing especially the heavy load bearing of low speed heavy haul. The position of the bearing is the part of the contact between the sliding bearing and the axle neck, the bearing is the most important part of the bearing, Bush Bearing its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient in the process of movement, and ensure the accuracy of its rotation.

The main function of the bearing is supporting, reducing the friction and improving the rotary precision. For example, the use of bus alloy made of the bearing, Bush Bearing through the oil trough on the surface of the Babbitt alloy bearing lubrication, sliding bearing can play a similar to the rotating axis of the ball bearing the same "support" effect, reduce the rotation axis friction, while improving the rotation accuracy.

When the rotation axis rotation, to give full play to the role of the bearing, it is necessary to make the bearing and rotation between a thin layer of oil film lubrication, if due to heavy load, lack of oil, improper assembly, oil hole blockage, oil seals damaged oil spills, lubricants have impurities and other reasons, resulting in lubricating oil film is not formed, the bearing and rotation axis will be directly friction, Bush Bearing friction will produce high temperature, although the bearing is made of special materials resistant to high temperature, but the friction produced by the high temperature will be enough to burn the friction surface material, The bearing also loses the function of the bearing.

The bearing function is at low speed, Bush Bearing heavy load and lubricating oil and maintenance difficult mechanical turning parts. Bearing the role of a very wide range, often used in gas compression, chemical, steel, mining, shipbuilding, energy, mechanical and electrical, automotive and other industries, with the development of industry and technology, the role of the bearing will be more prominent.

The bushing is widely used in the equipment of large steam turbines and generators, and is lubricated with the Babbitt alloy and high-pressure oil.

In the steam turbine, the bearing is one of the important components of bearings, is the sliding bearing and the shaft touch the local, very smooth, common with bronze, antifriction alloy, Bush Bearing such as wear-resistant data is made, also known as "shaft lining", the shape of a tile-like half cylindrical surface. The main effect is: bearing the effect of the shaft neck exerted, adhere to the stability of the oil film, so that the bearing smooth task and less bearing conflict lost. It is divided into axial thrust tile and radial tile, the effect of the radial tile is to support the rotor and the transformation local, the thrust tile bearing the axial position and the axial thrust effect, Bush Bearing is the important stop component.

The general selection of welding, grinding and heat treatment of steam turbine bearings and rotors is repaired. If the bearing is the use of the plating tire after scraping, grinding method to repair. Bush Bearing Steam turbine blades are not repaired and replaced if cavitation or wear is serious.

The bearing is one of the important parts of the steam turbine, and under the smooth and cooling effect of the circulating smooth oil, the rotor of the steam turbine with high speed and heavy duty is supported.

Bearing in the task, in addition to and the shaft neck formation wear, but also with the axle neck to its load, so bearing pad data should have a small conflict coefficient, good abrasion resistance and meet high compressive strength and patience. Therefore, in the arrangement of the bearing alloy, Bush Bearing it is necessary to distribute a certain high hardness phase composition on the soft substrate. Casting Sikiba's alloy Zsnsb11cu6 fits this arrangement. Pleading, is one of the most excellent bearing alloys. Compared with all Babbitt alloys, Zsnsb11cu6 has the smallest coefficient of linear expansion, the thermal conductivity ratio of PB-based alloy $number, Bush Bearing has the highest corrosion stability and high fatigue strength, suitable to accept the load is particularly high, HB300 around medium hardness of the hinge task, so it as bearing Babbitt in the steam turbine is widely used as the bearing of the rotor bearings.