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The Composite Bushing Has High Stability
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Composite bushing is based on the steel plate, the middle sintered spherical bronze powder, surface rolled polytetrafluoroethylene and lead mixture, Composite Bushings is rolled from the composite bushing.

It has a small coefficient of friction, wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and no oil lubrication characteristics. The use of the product can reduce costs, reduce the mechanical volume, to avoid the phenomenon of bite the shaft and reduce the advantages of mechanical noise. Composite Bushings Products have been widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts, such as printing presses, lifts, textile machinery, fitness equipment, hydraulic trucks, micro-motor, Composite Bushings solenoid valves, automobiles, motorcycles and home machinery.

Containing the sleeve, the outer surface of the sleeve is spherical, the outside has a flexible mezzanine, the outer surface of the flexible sandwich. The inner and outer surfaces of the flexible interlayer and the inner and outer surfaces of the bearing are also spherical, with the sleeve and the flexible interlayer, Composite Bushings and the flexible interlayer and the pad are bonded together. The outer circumference of the sleeve has a radially outer boss for retaining the flexible interlayer. This composite bushing, not only has the role of cushioning, damping, can reduce the mechanical noise, but also in the mechanism of reciprocating swing can be properly compensated, can improve the vehicle's handling performance and stability. It is suitable for ball joint connection in various mechanical equipment, Composite Bushings especially for ball joint connection in vehicle suspension.

Composite bushings are very important parts for the car; although it looks "silly and stupid", it has a very important effect on improving the handling stability of the vehicle; however, the stabilizing rod is fully utilized on the one hand, Diameter, arm length and other structural parameters, Composite Bushings on the other hand depends on the structure of the matching design bushing, perhaps this is the so-called "good horse to be equipped with a good saddle"