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The Bearing Pad Is Part Of The Sliding Bearing And Shaft Contact
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Bearing is a part of the bearing, bearing (bearing) bearing is sliding bearing and shaft contact part, very smooth, generally with bronze, friction-reducing alloy and other wear-resistant materials, in special circumstances, you can use wood, plastic or rubber production. Also known as "bushing", the shape of the tile-like semi-cylindrical surface.

Bearing is divided into split and integral structure. In order to improve the friction properties of the pad surface, often in its diameter surface casting one or two layers of friction material, usually called the bearing lining, so the bearing has a double metal bearing and three metal bearings.

Engine bearing

The bearing pad is a sliding bearing and shaft contact part, very smooth, Bush Bearing generally made of bronze, friction-reducing alloy and other wear-resistant materials, in special circumstances, can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also known as "bushing", Bush Bearing the shape of the tile-like semi-cylindrical surface.

Bushing or bearing lining is an important part of sliding bearings, bearing and bearing lining material collectively referred to as bearing material. As the bearing or bearing lining and journal contact, the general part of the journal more wear-resistant, so the main form of bearing wear is wear. Bush Bearing The wear of the bearing pad is directly related to the material of the journal, the material of the bearing itself, the lubricant and the lubrication condition. The choice of bearing material should take these factors into account to improve the service life and working performance of the sliding bearing.

The bearing pad is lubricated by the ball of the bearing and the oil in the roller. (Ball bearing with ball support, after filling, both ends of the seal; Bush Bearing roller bearings are usually not used.

In the industrial sector, the bearing is a large and medium-sized mechanical devices and high-precision high-speed rotating shaft or movable parts of the important components of support. Bearing has many outstanding advantages, with a rolling bearing is difficult to replace the role in the industry has a wide range of widely used.

However, due to material, lubrication, Bush Bearing maintenance and other restrictions, the bearing also has its use fatigue life limit. When the technician found that the bearing pad oil damage, the usual practice is to replace the bearing down the machine and use the new bearing, but this time the bearing is usually not yet reached all the effective economic life, Bush Bearing can be re-invested through the pad repair technology use.

In fact, the continuous improvement of the bearing design, material, bearing maintenance methods also greatly improve the reliability of the bearing repair. Zhuji Nanjiang Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. (Zhujiang City Nanjiang Bearing Factory) has accumulated more than 20 years of bearing repair technology, and has been widely used in this technology cement, mining, metallurgy, power, paper, chemical and other industries, experience shows: success The use of the repair of the bearing is not less than the cycle of use of the new pad. Bush Bearing In the industrial sector, the popularity of the pad repair and replacement of the bearing compared to the delivery time and cost more obvious advantages, and more and more favored by the industrial sector.