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The Bearing Pad Is One Of The Important Components Of The Bearing
- Aug 16, 2017 -

Bearing in the operation of the role of two: one is through the bearing to the oil, take the heat generated when the bearing to cool the bearing; the other is in the bearing pad and journal to form a stable bearing capacity between the oil film, To ensure liquid lubrication.

Bearing is a large and medium-sized rotating equipment in the important high-precision parts, lubrication is a necessary condition for the bearing. Most slippery journal bearings are lubricated by a device that provides a large amount of lubricating oil. Lubricating bearings using such lubricating devices are called full lubrication. In general, the effect of the use of pressurized lubrication is better if the thin oil station does not fail, Bush Bearing the filter is not blocked, then the lubricating oil will be injected into the journal and bearing surface contact friction, but the use of pressurized oil costs high.

The oil sling (also known as the slinger) is also an auxiliary booster supply lubrication method. In the large-scale slow motor on the use of a single oil ring lubrication, there is a general application; in the high-speed motor, the use of pressurized oil and oil ring ring lubrication is also very common. Bush Bearing According to experience and theory: when the journal speed is lower than the middle of the oil ring is the main oil supply method. The oil ring is usually made of copper material, the ring diameter is less than the shaft diameter. Simply through the shaft, and by the tile on the tile to determine its position, Bush Bearing the role of the groove is to avoid the oil ring in the axial movement. The lower part of the oil ring is soaked in the bearing tank. When the shaft rotation, the drag force to make the oil ring also turn, the bearing box of oil from the splash to the bearing around, to achieve the effect of lubrication, while the oil ring also has to reduce the temperature and protect the role of bearing.

Turbine, the bearing is one of the important components of the bearing, sliding bearings and shaft touch of the local, very smooth, common with bronze, Bush Bearing friction-reducing alloy and other wear-resistant materials, also known as "bushing", the shape of the tile-like Semi-cylindrical. The main effect is: carrying the journal to exert the effect of force, adhere to the oil film stability, so that the bearing smooth task and less bearing the conflict is lost. Divided into axial thrust tiles and radial tiles, Bush Bearing radial tiles to support the rotor and transform the local effect, the thrust of the tile bearing when the axial positioning and axial thrust effect, is an important stop part.

Turbine bearings and rotors commonly used welding repair, grinding, heat treatment method of repair. If it is the bearing pad Wujin is selected after the tire repair scraping, grinding method to repair. Turbine blades are not repaired and replaced if cavitation or abrasion is severe.

Bearing is one of the key components of the turbine, Bush Bearing in the cycle of smooth oil and cooling effect, the heavy load and high-speed task of the turbine rotor from the bearing effect.

Bearing in the task, in addition to the formation of wear and the journal, but also with the journal to its load, so the bearing pad data should have a small conflict coefficient, good abrasion resistance and meet the high compressive strength and resistance The It is implied in the arrangement of the bearing alloy, Bush Bearing in the appropriate soft matrix scattered with a certain size and hardness of the phase composition. Casting tin-based babbitt ZSnSb11Cu6 fit this arrangement plead, is one of the most excellent bearing alloys. Compared with all the babbitt, ZSnSb11Cu6 has the smallest coefficient of linear expansion, thermal conductivity than the lead-based alloy 30% to 60%, with the highest corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength, suitable for receiving load is particularly high, HB300 Around the medium hardness of the shaft task, so it as a bearing Babbitt in the turbine is widely used as a bearing bearing bearing bearings.