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The Bearing Has A High Wear-resistant Layer
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Bearing is one of the most important parts of the compressor, in the heart of the compressor, due to the bearing to withstand a large alternating load, uneven force, impact force, it is easy to damage.

Bearing the common faults are burning tile, alloy off and cracks, Bush Bearing bearing pad abrasions and severe wear, pay attention to bearing lubrication maintenance, lubricating oil selection, bearing installation gap adjustment is an effective way to reduce the bearing failure. In order to ensure long-term stable operation of the compressor, the correct diagnosis and maintenance of bearing failure, Bush Bearing is to maintain a good compressor running one of the important links.

A company coke oven gas compressor (reciprocating) main oil pump low oil pressure, auxiliary oil pump is still low after the start. Shutdown and repair, found that the rod on the head of the bearing on the partial loss of Pakistan, the other surface there are several cracks on the surface; under the tile almost fall off, the central all off, but the site operators did not find any abnormal sound. For such recessive failure, if no experience, Bush Bearing it is difficult to judge.

Generally in the bearing pad and the crankshaft journal because there is no oil, lubricating oil or other reasons without the formation of lubricating oil film or lubricating oil film is destroyed under the circumstances burned. May cause the reasons for the burning tile in the following cases:

1, lubrication system in a serious shortage of lubricants

Lubricant serious shortage of crankshaft journal and bearing friction surface temperature will rise rapidly, the occurrence of burning tile. The main reasons for the serious shortage of lubricants are: lubricating oil filter serious clogging, oil pipeline blockage or serious oil spills, pump damage, Bush Bearing tubing joints rupture or not timely add lubricants.

2, crankshaft journal and bearing assembly gap does not meet the requirements

The gap affects the formation of the lubricating oil film, the gap is too small, the oil is not easy to enter the journal and the friction surface of the bearing pad, can not form a lubricating oil film; if the gap is too large, the thickness of the lubricating oil film can not be completely separated from the friction surface The possibility of burning tile also increased. At the same time, excessive clearance will increase the crankshaft journal and bearing vibration and impact, resulting in cracking of the oil film.

3, crankshaft grinding damage to the surface of the journal wear layer and fatigue layer

Crankshaft journals are generally heat treated, with a high wear-resistant layer and a fatigue-resistant layer. If the crankshaft is repaired after a burn-out failure, the crankshaft will lose its original high wear-resistant and fatigue- Fever burn failure soon.

4, oil deterioration

If the lubricating oil is impure or lubricating oil is used for a long time and other reasons and deterioration, the lubricating oil film is not easy to form, Bush Bearing resulting in burner failure.