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The Bearing Has A Compressive Strength
- Jul 13, 2017 -

The bearing pad is a sliding bearing and shaft contact part, very smooth, generally made of bronze, friction-reducing alloy and other wear-resistant materials, in special circumstances, can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also known as "bushing", the shape of the tile-like semi-cylindrical surface.

Turbine, the bearing is one of the important components of the bearing, very smooth, generally with bronze, friction-resistant alloys and other wear-resistant materials, also known as "bushing", the shape of the tile-shaped semi-cylindrical.

Its main role is: through the force bearing journal to maintain the stability of the oil film, Bush Bearing so that the bearing work smoothly, bearing friction loss.

Divided into axial thrust and radial tiles, radial tiles support the rotor and the rotating part of the thrust bearing to withstand axial positioning and axial thrust, Bush Bearing is an important static components.

Turbine bearings and rotors are generally used to repair welding, grinding, heat treatment repair. If it is bearing pad, Wujin coated with scraping, grinding way to repair. If cavitation or abrasion is severe, turbine blades can not be repaired and replaced. Bush Bearing Bearings are one of the key components of turbines in the lubrication and cooling of circulating lubricants, heavy duty and high-speed operation of the turbine rotor bracket.

Bearing bearings at work, in addition to journal and wear, but also with the journal load, so the bearing pad material should have a small coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and adequate compressive strength and toughness. Requiring the bearing alloy in the organization, in a fairly soft substrate distribution with a certain size and hardness of the phase composition. Cast tin ciba bismuth ZSnSb11Cu6 conforms to the requirements of the organization and is one of the best bearing alloys. Compared with all babbitt, ZSnSb11Cu6 has the smallest coefficient of linear expansion, thermal conductivity higher than 30% to 60% lead alloy, with the highest corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength, suitable for particularly high load, HB300 intermediate shaft The hardness of the operation, Bush Bearing so it as a bearing in the Babbit in the turbine is widely used as a rotor bearing.

Steam turbines in the operation of the power plant, oil burners and things that make the Babbitt melt. Under normal circumstances, to change the tile or re-construction to solve the problem, and rarely in the turbine journal material to give enough attention to the turbine journal penetration phenomenon changes even less understanding.

What if the bearing wears? Here we come to introduce the following methods:

(1) When the machine repair equipment and technical strength is better, can be melt to the old Palestinian liner, re-pouring, processing, scraping research repair.

(2) can not melt the old alloy paste, with a metal spray gun spray a new layer of alloy, and then re-processing, scraping repair. But this method requires special gun, so use much.

(3) can not melt under the old linen alloy, and the other on the old lining with gas welding welding Babbitt. This method is more cost-effective, no special equipment. The main points of its operation are:

1) clean the surface of the pad to expose the luster of fresh alloy, Bush Bearing the surface is strictly prohibited to sell oil;

2) In order to prevent the welding of the tile bottom heat deformation, the tile bottom can be placed in the cooling water tank welding;

3) preheat to 70 to 80 ° C;

4) with a No. 1 torch (oxygen pressure of 1 gauge) 5-6 mm of the Babbitt alloy rods welded to the old lining surface, the electrode composition should be the same with the base alloy composition or similar, not too much difference;

5) mechanical processing after scraping repair.