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Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Common Attributes
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Polyimide film is a key electrical insulation materials, widely used in transmission and distribution equipment, wind power generation equipment, variable frequency motor, high-speed traction motor and high-voltage transformers and other manufacturing. Since the 90s of last century, high-performance polyimide film material has become a microelectronics manufacturing and packaging of key materials, widely used in the manufacture of VLSI, flexible packaging substrate, flexible connection with the line and so on. From high-speed rail 300 km per hour to the meager miniaturization of notebook computers, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and other electronic products are inseparable from the polyimide film.

According to statistics, last year China's annual demand for polyimide film more than 2,800 tons, the United States and Japan and other foreign companies accounted for 80% of China's market share. And one of the high-performance polyimide film production technology is mainly mastered in the hands of the United States and Japan and other developed countries. DuPont's standard polyimide film in the past 10 years has been maintained at about 1,000 yuan / kg high monopoly price.