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Small Friction Coefficient Of Composite Bushing
- Oct 13, 2017 -

The composite bushing is a composite bushing (MSB) with a steel plate as the matrix, a middle sintered spherical bronze powder, a surface rolled PTFE (PTFE) and a lead mixture.

The composite bushing has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, good abrasion resistance, excellent anti-corrosion and no oil lubrication. The use of this product can reduce costs, Composite Bushings reduce mechanical volume, avoid the phenomenon of biting shaft and reduce mechanical noise and other advantages. Products have been widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts, Composite Bushings such as printing presses, lifts, textile machinery, fitness equipment, hydraulic trucks, micro-motors, solenoid valves, automobiles, motorcycles and home machinery.

Composite bushings are lined with multilayered materials. It contains the sleeve, the outer surface of the sleeve is spherical, outside has the flexible interlayer, the flexible interlayer has the bearing bush outside. The inner and outer surfaces of the flexible interlayer are spherical, Composite Bushings and the sleeve is bonded with the flexible interlayer, the flexible interlayer and the bearing pad. A radial external convex table is used to block the flexible interlayer on the outer circle of the sleeve ends. The composite bushing not only has buffering and damping effect, Composite Bushings but also can reduce the mechanical noise, and can be compensated properly when the mechanism is oscillating back and forth, which can improve the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle. It is suitable for spherical joint connection in all kinds of mechanical equipment, especially for spherical joint in vehicle suspension.

The composite bushing overcomes the disadvantage of the low grinding effect, heavy weight, Composite Bushings high cost and low strength of the nylon bushing in the existing technology.

The composite bushing comprises a bushing body which is characterized in that the bushing is divided into three segments, wherein the middle section of the bushing is non-metallic and the ends of the bushing are metal. The improvement of the above scheme is that the non-metallic bushing in the middle section is made of nylon or pom compound plastic, Composite Bushings and the metal bushing at both ends is made of copper-tin alloy or powder metallurgy material and other wear-resisting material.