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Sliding Bearings Work Smoothly And Reliably
- Jul 01, 2017 -

A sliding bearing is a bearing that operates under sliding friction. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliable, no noise. In the liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear, the film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But start frictional resistance. Slide Bearings The shaft is supported by the bearing part called the journal, and the part that matches the journal is called the bearing. The friction-reducing material layer cast on its inner surface in order to improve the frictional properties of the pad surface is called a bearing lining. Bearings and bearing lining materials are collectively referred to as sliding bearing materials. Sliding bearing applications are generally used in low speed, heavy duty, high precision or intermittent working conditions.

1, the main features

Commonly used sliding bearing materials are bearing alloy (also known as Babbit or white alloy), wear-resistant cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, plastic, rubber, Slide Bearings hardwood and carbon-graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene POM and so on.

2, the composition of the structure

Sliding bearing work is the occurrence of sliding friction; rolling friction depends mainly on the size of the manufacturing accuracy; and sliding bearing friction depends mainly on the size of the bearing sliding surface material. Plain bearings are generally self-lubricating work surface; sliding bearings in accordance with the material is divided into non-metallic sliding bearings and metal sliding bearings.

Non-metallic sliding bearings mainly to plastic bearings, plastic bearings are generally made of better performance of engineering plastics; more professional manufacturers generally have engineering plastics self-lubricating modified technology, Slide Bearings through the fiber, special lubricants, glass beads And so on to the engineering plastics self-lubricating enhanced modification to achieve a certain performance, and then modified plastic through injection molding into self-lubricating plastic bearings.

Metal sliding bearings are currently the most widely used three-layer composite bearings, these bearings are generally carbon steel plate for the substrate, through the sintering technology in the steel first sintered a layer of spherical copper powder, and then sintered on the copper layer 0.03mm PTFE lubricant; which is a layer of spherical copper powder in the middle of the main role is to enhance the bonding strength between the steel plate and PTFE, of course, Slide Bearings at work also play a certain bearing and lubrication.

There are many types of sliding bearings.

① can bear the direction of the load can be divided into radial (radial) sliding bearings and thrust (axial) sliding bearings two categories.

② According to the type of lubricant can be divided into oil lubricated bearings, grease lubricated bearings, water lubricated bearings, gas bearings, solid lubricating bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings 7 categories.

③ According to the thickness of the lubricating film can be divided into thin film lubrication bearings and thick film lubrication bearings two categories.

④ According to the bearing material can be divided into bronze bearings, cast iron bearings, plastic bearings, precious stones bearings, powder metallurgy bearings, self-lubricating bearings and oil bearings.

⑤ According to the bearing structure can be divided into circular bearings, oval bearings, three oil leaf bearings, stepped bearings, tilting pad bearings and foil bearings.

The bearing is divided into split type and integral structure.

In order to improve the friction properties of the pad surface, often in its diameter surface cast one or two layers of friction material, usually called the bearing lining, so the bearing has a double metal bearing and three metal bearings. Bearings or bearing lining is an important part of sliding bearings, bearing and bearing lining material collectively referred to as bearing material. As the bearing or bearing lining and the journal in direct contact with the general part of the journal more wear-resistant, Slide Bearings so the main form of bearing wear is wear. The wear of the bearing pad is directly related to the material of the journal, the material of the bearing itself, the lubricant and the lubrication state. The choice of bearing material should take these factors into account to improve the service life and working performance of the sliding bearing.