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Sliding Bearings Are Widely Used
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Plain bearings are usually said flat bearings, its form is simple, contact area, if the lubrication to maintain good, anti-wear performance will be very good, bearing life will be very long. Sliding bearing bearing capacity, high rotation accuracy, lubricating film with impact resistance. So the project has been widely used. But his biggest drawback is that it can not keep enough oil reserves, Slide Bearings once the lubricant is insufficient, it immediately produces severe wear and leads to failure.

Sliding bearings in three categories:

Sliding bearings according to bear the direction of load can be divided into: thrust sliding bearings and radial plain bearings

According to the principle of forming the lubricating film is divided into: dynamic pressure sliding bearings and hydrostatic bearings

According to the different structural forms can be divided into: integral sliding bearing split sliding bearings

Features: Compared with rolling bearings, sliding bearing with high bearing capacity, good shock resistance, stable and reliable, low noise, Slide Bearings long life and other characteristics. It is widely used in internal combustion engines, rolling mills, large motors and instruments, radar, Slide Bearings astronomical telescope and so on.

There are many types of sliding bearings.

① can bear the direction of the load can be divided into radial (radial) sliding bearings and thrust (axial) sliding bearings two categories.

② According to the type of lubricant can be divided into oil lubricated bearings, grease lubricated bearings, water lubricated bearings, gas bearings, solid lubricating bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and electromagnetic bearings 7 categories.

③ According to the thickness of the lubricating film can be divided into thin film lubrication bearings and thick film lubrication bearings two categories.

④ According to the bearing material can be divided into bronze bearings, cast iron bearings, plastic bearings, precious stones bearings, Slide Bearings powder metallurgy bearings, self-lubricating bearings and oil bearings.

⑤ According to the bearing structure can be divided into circular bearings, oval bearings, three oil leaf bearings, stepped bearings, tilting pad bearings and foil bearings.