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Sliding Bearing Bearing Capacity Is High
- Aug 16, 2017 -

A bearing that operates under sliding friction. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliable, no noise. In the liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear, the film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. Sliding bearings are generally used in low-speed, heavy-duty conditions, Slide Bearings or where they are difficult to maintain and refill.

Plain bearings are usually said flat bearings, its form is simple, contact area, if the lubrication to maintain good, anti-wear performance will be very good, bearing life will be very long. Sliding bearing bearing capacity, high rotation accuracy, lubricating film with impact resistance. Slide Bearings So the project has been widely used. But his biggest drawback is that it can not keep enough oil reserves, once the lubricant is insufficient, it immediately produces severe wear and leads to failure.

Sliding bearings in three categories:

Sliding bearings Sliding bearings according to bear the direction of load can be divided into: thrust sliding bearings and radial plain bearings

According to the principle of forming the lubricating film is divided into: dynamic pressure sliding bearings and hydrostatic bearings

According to the different forms of structure can be divided into: integral sliding bearing split sliding bearings

Features: Compared with rolling bearings, Slide Bearings sliding bearing with high bearing capacity, good shock resistance, stable and reliable, low noise, long life and other characteristics. It is widely used in internal combustion engines, rolling mills, large motors and instruments, radar, Slide Bearings astronomical telescope and so on.

Sliding bearings are often used in mechanical assembly, machine repair process will often meet the sliding bearing disassembly, cleaning, assembly work, this paper briefly on the characteristics of sliding bearings, assembly requirements, technology and its considerations were briefly described.

The bearing lining of the plain bearing is in direct contact with the journal. In order to ensure the good working performance of the plain bearing, in addition to the proper lubrication measures, the material performance of the bearing should meet the following requirements: (1) To have sufficient strength and plasticity , So that the bearing lining can withstand a certain working pressure, Slide Bearings but also to make it with the journal between the pressure distribution evenly; (2) have good running fit, wear and wear resistance, so as to extend the use of bearing lining Life; (3) lubrication and thermal performance; good technical skills.

The characteristics and types of sliding bearings

Simple structure, easy to wash and wash, low prices;

Bear the load area, the journal and the bearing between the existence of a layer of oil film, it can withstand greater impact load and vibration load;

In the high speed is easy to form a complete liquid friction, it can be used for high speed occasions; sliding bearings can be made open, Slide Bearings so the assembly does not like rolling bearings must be loaded from one end of the shaft can be used for rolling bearings due to structural constraints can not Application of the occasion.

Commonly used in the factory of sliding bearings are integral, off, oil ring lubrication and thrust tile four.