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PVC Drainage Pipe System Construction Should Pay Attention To What Matters
- Dec 15, 2016 -

First, the pipe cutting

General drainage pipe connections need to pipe the docking, which requires the drainage pipe cutting, cutting according to the size of the sketch design to determine one by one, and according to the measured situation to cut. Cutting should be to ensure the formation of the fracture, but also in the late docking to smooth the fracture, to ensure smooth, to ensure that the fracture does not appear deformed, PVC drainage system for the construction of the appropriate material.

To keep the interface clean and smooth, not only conducive to the adhesive coating, but also conducive to the late deep underground when able to better waterproof, allowing users to use later in the process can reduce the water leakage because of the trouble.

Second, the pipeline connection

Pipe connection is built on the basis of pipe cutting, need to cut a good pipe in accordance with the need for reasonable docking. The need to clean up the connection when the cut pipe surface to ensure that there will not be a variety of impurities affect the connection of the pipeline situation. In particular, PVC drainage pipe system in winter when the construction should pay special attention to, taking into account the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline, the pipe connection should be set aside a certain interval.