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Plain Bearings Are Widely Used
- Nov 03, 2017 -

Sliding bearing work smoothly, reliable, no noise. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, and the friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced, and the oil film also has a certain vibration absorption ability. Slide Bearings But the friction resistance of the starting is larger. The part that matches the axle neck is called the bush. Slide Bearings The antifriction material layer that is cast on the surface of the bearing to improve the friction property of the bearing surface is called the bearings lining. The material of the bearing liner and bushing is referred to as the sliding bearing material.

The commonly used sliding bearing material has bearing alloy (also called PAP alloy or white alloy), wear-resistant cast iron, copper-based and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, hardwood and carbon-graphite, PTFE (PTFE), modified pom (POM), and so on. Application of plain bearings in low speed and heavy duty condition or the maintenance and filling of lubricating oil difficult operation parts.

The sliding bearing is supported by a smooth surface to support the rotating shaft, Slide Bearings so the contact part is a surface. Secondly, the movement mode is different, the rolling bearing movement is rolling, the sliding bearing movement is sliding, Slide Bearings so the friction situation is completely different.

Plain bearings are usually said to be plain, with a simple form, large contact area, if the lubrication remains good, anti-wear performance will be very good, bearing life will be very long. The bearing capacity of sliding bearing is large, the rotary precision is high, and the lubricating film has an impact-resisting effect. Slide Bearings So it has been widely used in engineering. But his biggest drawback is the inability to maintain sufficient oil reserves and, once the lubricant is insufficient, it immediately causes severe wear and failure.

Sliding bearing, as the name suggests, is actually working under sliding friction. The sliding bearing has the characteristics of smooth work, reliable and noiseless. Slide Bearings It is precisely because of some characteristics of sliding bearings, the application of sliding bearings is very extensive, generally he is applied at low speed in the working conditions. So the sliding bearing can not replace the role of rolling bearings.

Because the working condition of sliding bearing is in the case of low speed load, therefore, the manufacture of sliding bearing materials to high-strength, high hardness, Slide Bearings wear and other materials, are generally used bearing alloy, wear-resistant cast iron, copper-based and aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, hardwood and carbon, Teflon and other materials made.

Sliding bearings in the work of friction is sliding, so the size of the friction depends on the accuracy of the manufacture and manufacture of sliding surface materials. In order to reduce the friction coefficient of sliding bearing, Slide Bearings it is usually put on a quantitative lubricant in the working face before the sliding bearing.

Because the sliding bearing is face contact, the contact surface should keep a