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PE Pipe Production Process
- Dec 15, 2016 -

(1) first open the fan and then open the heating.

(2) full barrel state in order to achieve the best drying effect.

(3) PE material drying temperature of 80 ° C or so.

(4) temperature control table shows the set temperature is the difference between the actual temperature, when the display temperature is zero the actual temperature and set the same temperature.

(5) bimetallic thermometer works: the use of two different coefficients of expansion of the material, according to the degree of deformation to determine the size of the temperature.

(6) control the running direction of the atmosphere.

(7) air intake is strictly prohibited closed.

Under normal circumstances, you want to produce qualified PE pipe, you need to go through the above PE pipe production processes and processes. In addition the enterprises can also be based on their actual situation to optimize their production of popular, so that the PE pipe pipe production to achieve the best quality.