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Oil-free Bearing, Silding Bearing, Metal-based Inlaid Solid Self-lubricating Bearings
- Oct 26, 2017 -

1.  Oil-free bearings:


Oil-free bearings (SF-1)is a new lubricating bearings which combine of metal bearing characteristics and oil-free characteristics. With metal matrix to withstand the load, and special formula of solid lubricating material for the lubrication.

It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and high self-lubricating ability, special for the occasions where it is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, such as heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swing, and it can resist water erosion and other acid erosion. We got feedback from our clients that the inlaid bearings are not only fuel-efficient, energy saving, but also works longer than other ordinary sliding bearings. So far, this product have been widely used in metallurgical caster, rolling equioment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines.

Installation instructions:

1.  Make sure there is no collision and protrusions on the surface of the axis and axle housing.

2.  Check if there is dust or mold sand attached to the bearing shell surface.

3.  Use oil mill or sandpaper to remove the subtle collision and protrusions if there is any.

4.  Use some lubricating oils on the axis and axis shell during the installation to avoid the collision. Apply the force to the inner ring when install the bearing to the shaft, and apply the force to the outer ring when install the bearing to the bearing shell. Be sure the force applied to the bearing should be vertical or will cause injure to the bearing. So please avoid partial force.

5.  The bearing retainer and sealing plate can’t be forced power. The general installation is to use hammer and casing method. Do not beat it directly which will cause damage to the bearing. Make sure the casing in the middle and beat into it. Use the hammer beat it slightly. In the mechanical structure, if the inner and outer rings are tight fit, it should use the pad to make sure the force can be added both to the inner ring and outer ring at the same time. If the force only applied to the inner ring, it will be forced to the outer ring, therefore, it will cause scratches to the track surface. In order to install a larger margin on the shaft, the bearing should to be heated to 80 to 90 degrees so that to expand the inner diameter to install the bearing which is a widely used method.

6.  The hardness of the bearing can be decreased by the overheat, so the heat temperature can’t be over 100 degrees. At this point, the bearing must be used steel wire to hang, or place it on the steel wire support. Do not place it in the bottom of the tank. When the bearing reaches the desired temperature (below 100 degree), it should be removed from the rank immediately and quickly install to the shaft since the bearing will shrink with the temperature drop. Sometimes, there will be gap between the should and bearing shaft face, so it need to use tools to press the bearing to the axial direction.


Production process and principle:

Due to the requirement of the production process, some key equipments need to run in extremely harsh conditions of industrial and mining enterprises. And because the equipment is heavy and the temperature is high, dust or air contains acid corrosion gas of CO and SO2,etc, which will cause a lot of problems to the lubricating process, and cause serious friction and wear. So far, most of the domestic enterprises are still using the traditional oil, grease lubrication , and in fact these conditions have exceeded the conditions of oil, grease lubrication range which will easily cause the bearing and other friction and stuck, even cause serious wear and damage to the parts. And ultimately cause the equipment shut down. In order to make the product line running continuously, it not only to add more equipment gear repairs but also to employ a large number of maintenance personnel. Severely restricting the increase in productivity, and severe consumption on spare parts and energy have become a vital obstacle to the production development. Automobile manufacturing, cement production, petrochemical and other enterprises have proposed to provide complex conditions of special lubricating material requirements. For this reason, the research on mosaic self-lubricating composites highlights its own characteristics in material formulation and preparation process. The material properties have reached the international advanced level, which has solve the problem of lubrication under special working conditions and brought obvious Economic and social benefits. But because of variety of reasons more domestic enterprises have not yet adopted, the above situation still exists.

Inlaid self-lubricating composite material is a new type of anti-extreme pressure solid lubricating material. It has the metal base and embedded in the substrate hole or groove in the solid lubricant paste. With the friction, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously provided on the friction surface, ensuring good lubricating during ling period of operation.


Oil-free self-lubricating bearings: The product is based with steel plate, the middle layer sintered spherical bronze powder, and the surface rolled polytetrafluoroethylene [ptfe] and lead mixture made. It has a small coefficient of friction, wear and corrosion resistance. Oil-free self-lubricating and its long service life characteristics, which can reduce costs, reduce noise, prevent sticky, slippery. It is widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts such as printing presses, textile machines, hydraulic trucks, tobacco machines, medicinal machinery, fitness, micro-motor, cars, motorcycles and so on.


Metal-based inlaid solid self-lubricating bearings: is a combination of metal bearing characteristics and self-lubricating bearing characteristics of the new lubricating bearings, from the metal matrix to withstand the load, special formula of solid lubricating material from the lubrication. It has a high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature, self-lubricating ability and so on. The traditional oil bearing: As a result of noisy low, self-lubricating advantages, oil bearing has become the new favorite of computer CPU fan bearings, the market demand is large; In addition, as people are increasingly demanding on the noise, Daily household appliances on the application is also expanding.


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