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Metal Bearings Are Sliding Parts
- Jun 02, 2017 -

A metal bearing is a sport system that is used in conjunction with a cylindrical shaft for linear travel. As the bearing ball and the bearing jacket point contact, the ball with the smallest friction resistance rolling, so the metal bearing with small friction, and relatively stable, does not change with the bearing speed, Metal Bearing can get high sensitivity, high precision linear motion. Metal bearing consumption also has its limitations, the most important is the bearing impact load capacity is poor, and the carrying capacity is also poor, followed by high-speed movement of metal bearings and noise. Metal bearings fast easy to optimize the selection of imported. Metal bearings are widely used in precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and other industrial machinery sliding parts.

As the bearing ball and the bearing point contact, so the use of small load. Metal Bearing The ball is rotated with minimal frictional resistance, resulting in a high-precision smooth movement.

Plastic metal bearings is a self-lubricating characteristics of the linear motion system, and metal metal bearings is the biggest difference between the metal metal bearings are rolling friction, bearing and cylindrical shaft is between the point of contact, so this is suitable for low-load high-speed movement; Plastic metal bearings are sliding friction, bearing and cylindrical shaft is between the surface contact, Metal Bearing so this is suitable for high-load low-speed movement.

Metal bearings are used in conjunction with quench linear drive shafts. A system for infinite linear motion. Load ball and quenching drive shaft because it is point contact, allow the load is small, Metal Bearing but the linear motion, the friction resistance of the smallest, high precision, fast movement.

Metal bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, equipment, robots, tool machinery, CNC machine tools, automotive and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment Or special machinery industry.

Metal bearing maintenance: lubrication and friction: metal bearings into the anti-corrosion oil, Metal Bearing if the oil lubrication, the first use of kerosene or organic solution to remove anti-corrosion oil, air-dried and then add grease. (It is recommended to use lithium soap grease with a viscosity mark of N0.2.) If oil is used for lubrication, it is not necessary to remove the corrosion oil. The oil viscosity of VG15-100 can be selected according to the temperature change. Oil, or oil from the oil hole on the outer housing. As the seal will scratch the oil, Metal Bearing oil lubrication does not apply to non-porous with a ring bearing.

Metal bearing maintenance: As the plastic metal bearing inside the sliding film is made of self-lubricating plastic, so it is in the course of the use of additional oil supply and maintenance; and because the plastic metal bearing with a chip flute, so even if the bearing or The shaft is packed with dust and no maintenance, the dust will automatically take out from the chip flute during the movement; Metal Bearing only when the sliding film wear failure directly after the replacement of the internal sliding film can be; maintenance is very convenient.