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Metal Bearing Installation Method
- Jun 16, 2017 -

The installation of metal bearings should be based on the metal bearing structure, size and metal bearing parts with the nature of the fit, the pressure should be directly added to the ring with the ring on the end, not through the rolling body to send pressure, metal bearings are generally used as follows: 1, press fit metal bearing inner ring and shaft for the tight fit, outer ring and metal bearing seat hole is more loose fit, the press can be used to press the metal bearing on the shaft, and then the shaft together with the metal bearing into Metal bearing seat hole, press fit in the metal bearing inner ring end face, pad a soft metal material to do the assembly sleeve. Metal bearing outer ring and metal bearing seat hole with the inner ring and the shaft for the loose fit, the metal bearing can be pressed into the metal bearing hole, then the outer diameter of the assembly tube should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. If the metal bearing rings and shaft and seat holes are tight fit, the installation of the inner and outer ring to press the shaft and seat hole at the same time, the structure of the casing should be able to simultaneously tighten the metal bearing inner and outer ring end The 2, heating with

Depending on the type of metal bearing (except for the separate type) there are different dies and punch, Metal Bearing the first ball or roller into the cage (that is commonly referred to as "steel", this process is usually manually installed) , And then press the metal bearing, the coat together with the ball or roller with the pressure together.

Now the ordinary metal bearings, there are cage (that is, fixed metal bearing those circles) usually put enough metal bearings before the ball, the cage is not yet, then the ball into the post, Metal Bearing then install the cage can be , Because there is no cage when the ball can be rolled to the side, so that the inner ring can be out.

As for the deep groove full of non-cage metal bearings, usually in the inner ring, there is a small groove, the ball is loaded from here, put in, most metal bearings are used and a groove exactly the metal sheet Bonding in that, of course, some non-adhesive, in fact, the ball has no way out, unless there is external force, Metal Bearing and if the adhesion of a metal piece in that, the ball is even more out.

As for the needle. Angular contact with these metal bearings, is simply can just come out. There is no installation problem. Installation only for the above mentioned two types of metal bearings

Assembly is the use of thermal expansion and contraction of the principle.

The first metal bearing outer ring on the high temperature of the oil inside the cook, Metal Bearing the outer ring will become larger, and then hot the ball and the inner ring in turn into the outer ring, etc., with the right

And some of them were pressed into the first part of the ball into the machine, in the machine to put the rest into the press

Several methods:

Pressed in

Hot and cold shrinkage method

Ball less, roll to the side after the pressure cage

Groove method

After leaving a steel ball, Metal Bearing the outer ring slightly flattened a few microns, into the last ball