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Metal Bearing Has Certain Corrosion Resistance
- Jul 25, 2017 -

Five pieces of metal bearing

The five big metal bearings are: inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, cage, Grease.

Metal bearings generally have inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage four components, in addition lubricants on the use of rolling metal bearings have a great impact on the performance, Metal Bearing so sometimes the lubricant as a rolling metal bearings of the fifth large. The 5 large metal bearings have the following effects:

1. The inner ring is usually tightly matched with the shaft and rotates with the shaft.

2, the outer ring usually with the metal bearing seat hole or the mechanical part shell to cooperate, plays the support function. However, in some applications, Metal Bearing there is also the outer ring rotation, the inner ring fixed, or the inner and outer ring are rotated.

3. The rolling body is arranged evenly between the inner ring and the outer ring by means of a cage. Its shape, Metal Bearing size and quantity directly affect the bearing capacity and performance of metal bearings.

4. The cage will evenly separate the rolling body, guide the rolling body to move in the correct orbit, improve the internal load distribution and lubrication performance of the metal bearing.

Metal bearings are mainly used in the production of rolling metal bearings in the ring and rolling body (ball, needle), etc., can also be manufactured cold stamping die, cold roll, measuring, Metal Bearing precision grinder spindle and other parts. Requires high hardness and good wear resistance, because metal bearings in the work process to withstand periodic alternating load, but also by a certain impact load. Therefore, Metal Bearing metal bearings are required to have the following properties:

① high hardenability and hardening to ensure high hardness and abrasion resistance;

② High contact fatigue strength to ensure high service life;

③ high elastic limit and certain toughness, prevent permanent deformation, avoid damage by impact load;

④ has high dimensional stability;

⑤ has certain corrosion resistance.

According to the classification of metal bearing steels, they are usually divided into chromium metal bearing steel, carburized metal bearing steel, stainless steel bearing steels, Metal Bearing and high-temperature metal bearing steels, which are respectively applied to different working conditions and have their own characteristics.

Metal bearings with pressure mounting

If the inner ring shaft of the metal bearing is tightly matched with the shaft, the outer ring and the shell are loosely matched, the metal bearing can be pressed on the shaft first, and then the shaft, together with the metal bearing, is loaded into the shell hole, in the metal bearing inner ring end face, cushion a soft metal material to do the assembly casing, the inner diameter of the assembly casing should be slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft diameter, the diameter should be smaller than the metal bearing edge, so as not to pressure on the cage.

If the outer ring of the metal bearing is tightly matched with the metal bearing seat hole, and the inner ring and the shaft are loose, the metal bearing can be pressed into the metal bearing socket hole first, then the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole.