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Common Pipe Fitting Forms And Solutions
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Pipe section burst: Pipe section by the internal force caused by damage to the pipe, the performance of fish-shaped or other forms of serious deformation

Tube segment rupture: the tube segment by the external force caused by brittle failure, multi-performance elongated crack, the pipe section of the main structure deformation is not obvious

Pipe section fracture: pipe section by the stampede, forced correction and other external forces affect the emergence of bending fracture phenomenon

Weld deformation: pipe in the welding process, due to excessive welding temperature or welding operation caused by improper fusion welding deformation

Other: If the metal pieces of cracking, such as valve leakage

PP-R hot water pipe: in the course of the process, caused by external thermal expansion pipe thinning caused by bursting PP-R hot water pipe: in the construction process by the impact of gravity caused by slender pipe surface cracks PP-R hot water pipe : In the course of the use of inadequate exhaust caused by inflation, the pressure build-up caused by burst PP-R cold water pipe: installation and construction by the impact of external forces led to pipe fracture