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3PE Anti - Corrosion Steel Pipe Rust And The Production Process
- Dec 15, 2016 -

3PE anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe three-layer structure of polyethylene coating (3PE) combines the fused epoxy powder coating and extruded polyethylene two excellent properties of the coating, the interface characteristics of fused epoxy powder coating and resistance Chemical properties, and mechanical properties of extruded polyethylene coating the advantages of combining, so as to significantly improve their performance. So as a buried pipeline outer protective layer is very superior. According to the information, three PE can make the buried pipeline life of 50 years, at present, is considered the most advanced anti-corrosion technology outside the pipeline. In China, the three-tier PE has taken the lead in the oil and gas systems have been applied. China has completed the Shaanxi-Beijing natural gas pipeline and the reservoir pipeline Koran, the recent national key project of the West-East Pipeline nearly 4,000 km pipeline are used outside the three-layer anti-corrosion coating PE. In Tianjin, Shaanxi gas into the Tianjin 67 km high-pressure pipeline, the outer ring 30 km high-pressure natural gas pipeline, Shaanxi-Beijing underground underground gas storage pipeline 122 km pipeline is used in three PE. It has become the future direction of development of pipeline anti-corrosion layer