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The Development of Plastic Hose in China
- Dec 15, 2016 -

China since the seventies began to produce plastic pipe, the early eighties began to promote the use of engineering construction. Over the past 20 years, the plastic tube has been great development, not only in quantity, but also in the varieties and specifications have been greatly developed. To the end of 1999, the national plastic pipe production line about more than 2000, of which the introduction of equipment accounted for about 15%. In 1999 China's various plastic pipe production capacity has reached 1.65 million tons, the actual output of 100 million tons. Among them, PVC-U tube 500,000 tons, accounting for 50%; PE pipe 36 million tons, accounting for 36%. In recent years, with the construction industry has become an important pillar of the national economy and the rapid development of the housing industry, building indoor plastic pipe developed rapidly, has become a hot investment today.

The development of plastic pipe, the current main to UPVC pipe and PE pipe-based, and to develop new composite, modified plastic pipe. 2010, the main products of plastic pipe to meet market requirements, market products complete, quality, grade and supporting level has improved significantly, the overall level of close to the international advanced level. 80% of the building drainage pipe 80% of the plastic pipe; building water supply, hot water supply and heating pipe 80% of the use of plastic pipe; wire sheathing 90% of the use of plastic pipe; rainwater drainage pipe 70% of the construction, 70% of urban water supply pipe (DN400Inm below) 70% of the use of plastic pipe, 70% of the village water supply pipe with plastic pipe; 50% of urban drainage pipe using plastic pipe; urban gas pipeline (low pressure pipe) 60% plastic pipe.