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PVC pipe and metal pipe compared to what advantages
- Dec 15, 2016 -

In general resin production, PVC resin consumption of ethylene the lowest volume, the lowest cost of production. Domestic production of PVC per tonne of PVC needs to consume 0.5314 tons, while the average consumption of polyethylene per tonne of ethylene 1.042 tons, the domestic consumption of PVC resin per ton of polyethylene than ethylene consumption of about 50% less. The production of PVC raw materials used in chlorine, is a balanced production of caustic soda to produce chlorine an important way, caustic soda is essential to the national economy is an important raw material. In addition, from the perspective of plastic products, PVC compatibility with a variety of additives, in the production of pipe can be added a lot of low-cost filler, so that greatly reduce production costs.

PVC pipe and metal pipe, compared to the production of cubic meters per cubic meter of PVC and aluminum production per cubic meter of steel, the energy consumption of 316KJ / m3, aluminum energy consumption is 619KJ / m3, PVC energy consumption of 70KJ / m3, The energy consumption of steel is 4.5 times that of PVC, the energy consumption of aluminum is 8.8 times of PVC. The production of PVC pipe processing energy consumption is only one-third of the same diameter metal pipe. PVC pipe wall at the same time as a smooth, non-junction corrosion tumor, high water efficiency, energy saving for infusion of about 20%.