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PVC hose six advantages introduced
- Dec 15, 2016 -

1. Has good tensile, compressive strength: but its flexibility than other plastic pipe.

2. Fluid resistance is small: PVC-U pipe wall is very smooth, the resistance of the fluid is very small, the roughness coefficient of only 0.009, the water supply capacity than the same diameter cast iron pipe increased by 20% than the concrete pipe increased 40 / RTI & gt;

3. Corrosion resistance, excellent chemical resistance: PVC-U pipe has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture and soil pH from the impact of pipeline laying without any anti-corrosion treatment.

4. Has good watertightness: PVC-U pipe installation, whether using adhesive or rubber ring connection, have a good watertightness.

5. Anti-bite: PVC-U tube is not a nutrient source, it will not be the erosion of rodents. According to the National Sanitation Foundation in the state of Michigan tests show that mice will not bite PVC-U pipe.

6, the performance test: curing time shrinkage rate of split strength tensile strength peel stability thermal stability of the shelf life of harmful substances released.