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PE water supply pipe contains heavy metals, the impact on water quality?
- Dec 15, 2016 -

PE is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic of a plastic, plastic bags, plastic wrap and so are PE, HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. HDPE appearance of the original state was milky white, in the meager section of a certain degree of translucent. PE has excellent resistance to most of the characteristics of life and industrial chemicals.

PE pipe welding, PE pipe butt welding, the method provides the highest reliability and diameter range and pressure process: the end of the heated pipe, using a tool called contact pressure and temperature under the definition of "mirror image ". The ends are quickly contacted and kept under pressure during the cooling process.

PE pipe with medium density polyethylene pipe and high-density polyethylene pipe. According to the wall thickness is divided into SDR11 and SDR17.6 series. The former is suitable for conveying gaseous artificial gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, which is mainly used for conveying natural gas. Compared with the steel pipe, the construction process is simple, a certain degree of flexibility, more important is not used for preservative treatment, will save a lot of processes. Disadvantages of the device than the steel pipe, the construction of special attention to the safety of heating space, and can not be exposed to the sun in the air, and sensitive to chemicals to prevent the leakage of sewage pipe damage.