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PE pipe in the stable growth of enterprises under the more dynamic development
- Dec 15, 2016 -

Under the new normal, PE pipeline development brings many trends change, the enterprise can grow steadily hard to come by. According to the latest operational data show that: the initial accounting, the first half of the total output value of PE pipelines 175.69 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%, the output value of the overall smooth operation, the kinetic energy conversion pace. PE pipe enterprises to observe the development of the situation, we can see that the face of the grim task of transformation and upgrading, business initiative as the next mind to adjust the structure, transfer mode, has great potential and vitality of development. China is still in the middle of industrialization and urbanization, PE pipeline market is very rich in market potential. At the same time, investment in high energy consumption growth rate down, more optimized investment structure. PE pipeline enterprises to stimulate the vitality of sustainable development.