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International PVC pipe technology innovation direction
- Dec 15, 2016 -

1, physical blending modification

IMPROVING BASIC FORMULA OF PVC BY INJECTING IMPACT MODIFIER. By adding appropriate varieties and the amount of modifier and the use of appropriate processing technology, can make the modified PVC no longer brittle failure. The principle is to moderately reduce the yield strength of the material, making the risk of cracking may lead to toughness of deformation, to avoid crack initiation and growth. The result is higher safety (if the safety factor is not changed), or material and cost savings can be achieved (if a lower safety factor is used). Commonly referred to as PVC-M.

This approach is now widely used around the world.

2, chemical copolymerization modification

The modifier employed is an acrylic resin. The acrylic acid molecules were grafted onto the molecular chains of polyvinyl chloride by chemical polymerization. The purpose is to make the acrylic elastomer particles are very evenly distributed, was 'ultrafine particle dispersion'.