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Coloring of PVC Hose
- Dec 15, 2016 -

1. In different light sources, the appearance of the color of the hose is different, to understand what the color of the light source, there is no special requirements. Is a natural light, fluorescent, especially with fluorescent pigment swatches, in the natural light, fluorescent, UV light and other different light sources will have a different display.

2. No matter what color, first of all to ask what is plastic, from the type of raw materials, the scope of the toner can be reduced into a soft plastic or hard plastic, according to the characteristics of plastic molding conditions and the choice of medium temperature toner or high temperature toner, so According to the plastic molding process to choose medium-temperature or high-temperature toner powder.

3. To understand the pvc hose sample is transparent, semi-transparent or opaque (the industry said solid color). If it is transparent, it is necessary to choose a transparent organic pigment or dye; if it is semi-transparent or opaque samples, depending on the degree of transparency, the need to empirically estimate the amount of titanium dioxide is the number of samples. Color first to determine the amount of titanium dioxide, which is the relationship between the color palette technology and the key to speed, or a change in the amount of titanium dioxide, a great change in color, other pigments have to change. Adding titanium dioxide will reduce the transparency of plastic, with the increase in the amount of titanium dioxide, hue lighter. Deep color products generally do not have titanium dioxide, but also specific look at the model.